Medical Waste Disposal Management…

This is an ON-SITE MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL Solution especially for hospitals and medical institutions who need to manage hazardous biomedical waste.

It is a disinfecting shredder to manage pathogenic biological waste and to convert it into sanitary waste while specially designed simultaneously reducing the raw waste volume by up to 90% and un-recognizable.

The process combines shredding and simultaneous chemical disinfection of Biomedical Waste. The solution treats all types of hazardous waste including sharp objects, red bags, surgical waste, whole blood and plasma, lab wire, suction canisters, gloves, bandages, scalpels, dialyzers, tissues and pathogens, trace chemo etc with an exception of cytotoxic materials.

On completion of the process, the liquids are separated from the solid waste, the used formula is disposed into the drainage system or into an effluent tank for recycling and the solids are collected into a designated ordinary waste container for removal with the general waste.