CPCB and Medical Waste Disposal in the State of Tamil Nadu…

It is good to know that the CPCB is seriously looking at medical waste & its disposal.

Whilst it is true the laws need to be followed & adhere to very strictly, there is also a need to look at innovative processes & products to dispose off the medical waste. Incineration cannot be the ONLY solution – because it has its own issues. It requires the medical waste to be taken outside the city limits to remote treatment centres.

Treating hazardous waste in remote treatment centers involves storing it untreated at hospital sites. The length of storage depends on the agreement with the contractor regarding evacuation frequency. Storing untreated waste at hospitals is risky to the staff, malodorous, & attracts rodents & insects.

Furthermore, transporting hazardous waste to remote treatment facilities can mean passing through population centers. A vehicle does not provide complete protection & accidents can happen.

The system needs to designed to be most efficient simple safe & very cost-effective and most importantly available on-site itself in order to help Hospitals & Medical centers to transform their hazardous waste to sanitary waste, thus reducing public health risk & negative effects to the environment while saving the user waste treatment expenses big time.