Biogas – Potential In India

Biogas is an often overlooked and neglected aspect of renewable energy in India. While solar, wind and hydropower dominate the discussion in the country, they are not the only options available. Biogas is a lesser known but highly important option to foster sustainable development in agriculture-based economies, such as India.

You can create Biogas from the foodwaste generated at home, hotels & resurants, large dinning halls etc. Biogas can be used for cooking, lighting, heating, power generation and much more. Infact, biogas is an excellent and effective to promote development of rural  and marginalized communities.

Biogas is the most beneficial to people in India because it would help ease the strain of delivering reliable energy sources based on fossil fuels, and would allow the country to become more energy independent. Plus, the rural areas are places where the raw materials for biogas will be more available, such animal manure, crop residues and poultry litter.

India only produces about 2.07 billion m3/year of Biogas, while it is estimated that India could produce as much as 48 billion m3/year.