Organic Waste Converter for Municipal Solid Waste Management…

Our Organic Waste Converter machines help and support the Municipality abide the recommendations of the  “Municipal Solid Waste Management Manual Part 2” by the MINISTRY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Government of India ( ) –

Decentralised community level waste management systems are preferred to centralised waste management solutions under certain circumstances. Decentralised waste management systems or community level waste management systems reduce the burden of handling large volumes of MSW at a centralised location, with corresponding reduction in costs o9f transportation and intermediate storage.

Some of the advantages of decentralised waste management include the following:

  • Decentralized systems allow for lower level of mechanization than the centralized solutions, and provide job opportunities for informal workers and small entrepreneurs.
  • Decentralized options can be tailor made for the local waste stream, climate, social, and economic conditions.
  • Decentralized systems reduce the cost incurred for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste by the Urban Local Body (ULB).

Our Organic Waste Converter machines can be used by housing apartments and residential colonies, hotels, restaurants, caterers, malls, canteens & cafeterias, factory kitchens and  flight and industrial kitchens into organic soil supplement to be used by farmers with capacity to process 25 Kgs up to 1,000 Kgs of organic waste in a batch onsite.