Waste Management

Under the NEW Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM), 2016, segregation of waste into biodegradable waste, dry waste and and domestic hazardous waste is compulsory.

  • The conventional ways of transporting kitchen waste on trucks to the dumping sites & large scale waste recycling plants set up and operated by municipalities are inefficient & not very cost effective.
  • The kitchen discards, the leftovers, the perished food items constitute almost 25% of the organic waste.
  • It is pollution free and safe for the environment too.

Our Food Waste Management Solutions include

Also, under the AMENDED Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, every hospital, nursing home and medical institution generating biomedical waste shall pre-treat the laboratory waste, microbiological waste, blood samples, and blood bags through disinfection or sterilization on-site in the manner as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) or guidelines on safe management of wastes from health care activities and WHO Blue Book 2014.

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