Medical Waste Disposal


This is an AUTOMATED, NON-INCINERATION and ON-SITE MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL Solution to manage hazardous biomedical waste for –

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • medical institutions

It is a disinfecting shredder to manage pathogenic biological waste and to convert it into sanitary waste while simultaneously reducing the raw waste volume by up to 90%.  The solution is –

  • On-site – eliminates the need for special, expensive transportation
    On the spot – immediate waste treatment, eliminates the need for special storage space and controls
  • Efficient – It meets the highest international standard requirements (Secure 6log bacteria disinfection level)
  • Compact space –possible due to the unique combination of shredding & disinfecting
  • Clean – cold chemical disinfectant avoids moisture build-up
  • Simple – no need for an operator with special skills
  • Green formula – based on a synergistic effect in a per-oxy compound
  • Environment friendly – requires only electricity, water supply, and drainage utilities
  • Quick pay-back – It saves bio-waste treatment expenses
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